ufabet356 Giorgioio Vednalum

ufabet356 Giorgioio Vednalum, the Liverpool midfielder, was disappointed that he had taken the lead before leaving Leicester City after a 1-1 draw, but getting 1 point is considered valuable in the final round of the championship.


ufabet356 Giorgioio Vednalum Although the “Reds” missed the opportunity to score 7 points away, but for the Holland national team midfielder said that the move was 5 points while the remaining 14 games were a good sign.

“I was stuck that we started well. We broke the door leading fast after that, we were the dominant game, but we couldn’t create many opportunities. “Weinnal was accepted through the famous Sky Sports news agency.

“I think everyone thinks of scoring 7 points away because it should be done, but when it doesn’t happen Of course, everyone is disappointed not to miss the opportunity. ”

“Anyway, I think that we move away into 5 points as well. Every point that you collect during this time is good. ”

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